Motion Detectors

Wireless Motion Detectors

The 5800 Series of wireless products is an ideal solution for providing reliable indoor and outdoor protection.

Indoor Wireless Motion Detector

Indoor Wireless Motion DetectorThe convenience of wireless systems extends to include pet immunity with the 5890PI. Using Split Zone Optics technology, the 5890PI ignores pets and other animals up to 40lbs., while continuing to detect even crawling intruders.


  • 35' x 45' (10.6m x13.7m) coverage pattern
  • Immune to pets up to 40lbs.
  • Split-Zone Optics technology
  • Compatible with all 5800 series Wireless devices
  • Up to five year battery life

Outdoor Wireless Motion Detector

Wireless Outdoor Motion DetectorThe 5800PIR-OD is a AA lithium battery powered wireless outdoor motion detector intended for use with Honeywell alarm systems that support 5800 Series wireless devices. The 5800PIR-OD is an ideal solution for outdoor sensing needs in difficult to wire locations— avoiding the costs and time to trench hardwired solutions. It’s perfect for both residential (activity monitors, e-mail alerts, turning on video cameras) and commercial (protecting copper theft, utility and electrical substations, cellular sites, commercial buildings, car lots and more) applications.

The 5800PIR-OD consists of two passive infrared (PIR) sensors that must both be tripped to declare an alarm, providing immunity to false alarm sources, pets and other animals. These sensors can be adjusted to alter the detection range. The transmitter can send alarm, tamper and low battery condition messages to the alarm panel.


Mastech Security Services

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